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Department of Inspection and Advisory Services

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The Department of Inspection and Advisory Services is mandated to establish, evaluate and promote highest standards of quality in education provision.

The following are the mandated functions of the department:

a.    Enforcement, maintenance and evaluation of National Education Standards. This is done though

·        Quality assurance/supporting of primary and secondary school inspectors during inspection

·        Quality assurance/supporting of primary and secondary school advisors during support visits

·        Monitoring support systems to inspection and advisory services

·        Inspection of Teacher Training Colleges

·        Ensuring availability of quality teaching and learning materials in schools

b.    Enforcement of the Education Act, policies and regulations

.        Sensitization of stakeholders to the Act, polices and regulations

·        Monitoring the enforcement of the Act, policies and regulations

·        The department has also developed guidelines for the establishment of Boards of Governors for secondary schools and teacher training colleges

c.    Initiating development and review of the education curriculum

·        The department has continued the implementation of the National Reading Programme. Of late, we have introduced assessments and remediation activities to the programme

·        We have carried out a scoping exercise to determine the bottlenecks in the teaching and learning of numeracy in early grades

·        Monitoring curriculum implementation in primary, secondary and teacher training colleges in conducted

d.    Advising the MoEST on Inspection and Advisory issues through

·        Analyzing inspection and advisory reports for departments action

·        Monitoring implementation of inspection and advisory recommendations/actions points in primary schools, secondary school and TTCs

e.    The registration of both Government and private schools. This is done through

·        Coding of schools for identification and licensing

·        Vetting inspection reports from division/ districts

·        Triangulating private school inspection reports

·        Inspection of government and private TTCs for registration

f.      The registration and licensing of teachers

·        Registration and licensing of teachers

g.    Coordinating the development of the National Assessment Framework

·        Conducting the monitoring learning achievement survey

·        Coordinating development of the national assessment framework

h.    Carrying out organizational and administrative roles of National Examinations at primary, secondary and teacher training levels

·        Monitoring the conduct of national examinations

·        Moderation of national/cluster/zonal examinations

i.      Coordination of MDAs NGOs and development partners on matters of education quality and standards

·        Coordinating education quality interventions supported by MDAs, NGOs and Development partners

Major achievements for 2018/19 FY

·      Trained all Inspectors and Advisors for primary and secondary schools on their roles and responsibilities and the use of new inspections tools

·      Trained Accredited Inspectors for Teacher Training Colleges to complement DIAS when carrying out inspections in TTCs

·      Inspected the first set of TTC using new inspection approach and accredited inspectors

·      Inspected 691 primary schools and 115 secondary schools to ensure adherence to the education standards

·      Developed a road map for the development of the National Standards for Technical Education.

·      The Ministry conducted National and Master trainers’ workshop under National Reading Programme (NRP) aimed at equipping participants with skills and knowledge to enable them train             Headteachers and Section heads for both Junior and Infant sections in primary schools.

·      Disseminated Early Grade Numeracy scoping report on the bottlenecks to numeracy performance in the early grades of primary school.

·      Conducted training of MANEB Examination and Subject Officers on Financial Literacy. The training was aimed at equipping the officers with skills on how to incorporate financial issues in examinations.

·      Conducted a sensitization workshop on the development of the National Qualifications Framework. A road map for the process was developed and will be presented to the steering committee

·      Reviewed primary curriculum materials for standards for 6 to 8

·      Developed inspection briefings for management, technical working group and relevant departments on inspection findings

·      Carried out needs’ assessment on development of itemized tests and trained teachers in item writing for standardized test

·      Conducted pre-shipment and inland inspection of textbooks for secondary schools

.      Evaluation of textbooks under COSOMA project for secondary schools



Director of Inspection & Advisory Services

Raphael Agabu

Deputy Director of Inspection & Advisory Services

Lindiwe Chide

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