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The Directorate of Administration’s mandate is to provide management and support functions. It provides strategic leadership and in the overall administration and coordination of operations of all programmes and projects in the Ministry.
The Directorate plays a big role in the establishment and maintenance of sound management systems in the Ministry.  It also ensures adherence to established Government regulations, systems and procedures within the Ministry.  Through its co-coordinating role and support functions, the Ministry should be able to achieve its overall goals and objectives.
The Directorate has the following functional areas:

  1. Central Policy Registry
  2. Stores Management
  3. Transport Management
  4. Office Management Services
  5. Procurement Services
  6. Audit Services

Staff Compliment
The Director of Administration at Grade D, is the head of the Directorate.  The position is filled.  The other positions, as per the establishment in the Ministry, are as follows:-

  1. Deputy Director of Administration at Grade E (filled);
  2. Under Secretary at Grade F (vacant);
  3. Two positions of Principal Administrative Officers (PAO) at Grade H (one filled    and one vacant); and
  4. Two positions of Administrative Officers at Grade I (one is filled while the other one is vacant).

The size of the Ministry poses one of the biggest challenges.  Its huge size affects its management, focus and coordination of activities.  Some of its departments and units are out of the Capital Hill due to inadequate office accommodation.  This, on its own, is also a problem in terms of operations of the Ministry.
If there was a way of splitting the Ministry into two Ministries so that one Ministry takes care of Basic and Secondary Education while the other taking care of Higher and Tertiary Education, this would provide an opportunity to improve the efficiency in its operations including sharing of resources.  The department of Science and Technology could also be part of the Higher and Tertiary Education.  However, as is the case in other countries, this department could as well be a Ministry on its own.
The other challenges facing the Directorate include inadequate financial resources to implement budgeted activities, shortage of vehicles to satisfy the needs of all departments and high vacancy rate.


Director of Administration

Hillary S. Namainja

Deputy Director of Administration


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