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Quality Assurance (DQAS)

Area 3 Market Str, Behind FDH Bank, Budget House

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Ms. Lindiwe Chide

Directorate of Quality Assurance is mandated to assure and control quality of education in Malawi. Hence, the Directorate provides information on quality and standards of education in Malawi. The Directorate has three services which are

a. Inspection: This is an independent external evaluation of the effectiveness of a school or college in bringing about positive outcomes for its students.

b. Advisory: Support function which constitutes a constant guidance on one or limited aspects of an educational institution life such as teaching, learning, leadership and management and is based on recommendations from school evaluation such as inspection or school performance review. Both functions execute their duties using National Education Standards (NES) in primary and secondary schools and Teacher Education Standards (TES) in Teacher Training colleges.

c. Licencing: Registering and licensing of private schools and colleges and registering of teachers. The Directorate has officers at Ministry Headquarters, Education Divisions and District Assemblies.

The directorate’s functions include:

  1. Inspection and Advisory Services to public and private schools and colleges;
  2. Initiating and chairing the processes of development and revision of curriculum, teaching /learning materials or teaching and learning text books for schools and colleges;
  3. Carrying out surveys and research in education system,
  4. Providing In-service training to Quality assurance officers and Teachers
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