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Internal Audit

The Internal Audit function in the Ministry was created to promote transparency and accountability in the delivery of education services. It is an independent consulting arm of management to ensure improved performance of the Ministry through establishment of disciplined and systematic improvements in risk management, control and governance process.
There are seven audit units, one in each of the six education divisions and one at Ministry Headquarters. All the units are headed by the Principal Internal Auditors, all under the Controller of Internal Audit Services assisted by the Chief Internal Auditor.


  1. Flashing out fraud and corrupt practices in the ministry
  2. Sensitization of ministry officials on the advantages of using a formal risk management approach to deal with risks in a more systematic and disciplined manner
  3. Strengthening internal control systems by initiating and influencing development of guidelines where they were not available
  4. Strengthening oversight function by training audit committee members in the Ministry, as required by OPC


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