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Vision for Higher Education
To create an inclusive Higher Education system relevant for sustainable socio-economic growth in global society

Mission for Higher Education
To develop highly knowledgeable and skilled citizens capable of performing in a competitive, diverse and knowledge-led global economy.

Strategic Objective
To improve equitable access to quality education in universities and other higher education institutions


Accountability and transparency, commitment, dedication, professionalism, teamwork, equity and efficiency

Core Functions

Directorate core functions are aligned to the aspiration of Malawians as spelt out in the National Education Policy as follows:



Equitable Access to Higher Education

Provide policy direction on admission of students into Higher education institutions

Provide policy direction on Student Financial Support.

Provide policy direction on Student Academic support for retention and success

Quality and relevant education

Provide policy direction on National Qualifications Framework/ National Quality Assurance Framework

Provide policy direction on Capacity Building of academic members of staff plus allied support staff

Governance and management

Prepare legal Instruments for governing Public Higher Education Institutions

Ensure that Private Higher education institutions have governing legal instruments

Provide policy direction on Performance Management Systems

Provide policy direction on Capacity Building (Board members, management and administration staff in HEIs)

Directorate Administration

Plan and implement both development and operational activities for the department

Support the Minister, SEST and PS

Projects Oversight



Director of Higher Education

Dr. McJessie Mbewe


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